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Optimise your fuelling for training, competition and recovery to boost your performance by investing in sports nutrition coaching with an Advanced Sports Dietitian.

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Are you optimally fuelling your performance when it comes to race day? Test your race nutrition knowledge, learn where the gaps are so you can improve those 1% differences that count on race day

Podcast: Fuelling Good Health through Food (Love Women’s Cycling)

In a climate where immunity and disease are a hot topic, I’ve shared my hot tips on how to fuel for better health and performance with the Love Women’s Cycling Podcast. We talk nutrition for immunity, macronutrients, micronutrients and the key factors I believe you should keep on top of to stay strong and healthy […]

Podcast: Nutrition for Endurance athletes (In The Flow Nutrition)

Earlier this week I recorded a conversation about nutrition for endurance athletes while in COVID-19 lockdown here in Girona with Jackson Long from In The Flow Nutrition. We discuss the common mistakes athletes make when it comes to fuelling and nutrition, relative energy deficiency in sport, plant-based performance, favourite recipes, considerations for young athletes, and […]

Finding routine in chaos

When your job involves travel and a disrupted lifestyle, it can be tough to maintain a sense of routine and keep on track with positive nutrition habits. Like many of the people I work with, I am often on the road with little time ‘home’. Here is how I find routine in chaos to stay […]

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Gemma is an Advanced Sports Dietitian based in Girona, Spain. She works with athletes to fuel their training and competition for optimal performance.