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Toasted muesli recipe

I love the crunch of toasted muesli for breakfast, sprinkled over the top of Greek yoghurt or even as a last minute crumble topping for dessert. Many of the supermarket versions have more fat or sugars added than I would prefer. In my experience, once you’ve tasted the wonders of your own toasted muesli, it’s […]

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10 reasons why you should see a sports dietitian

As a sports dietitian I see a wide variety of people actively engaging in endurance sports – specifically cycling and triathlon. But you don’t have to be an elite or professional athlete to benefit from nutrition support and advice. Here’s a list of the top 10 reasons why you should see a Sports Dietitian to […]

Why you should eat slowly

If you’re anything like me, then you have a tendency to inhale most of your meals without even thinking. I KNOW I should eat slowly, but just because we KNOW what we should do doesn’t mean we do it!

Cocoa Orange Nakd Bar Recipe

cocoa orange nakd

Lemon coconut chia ricecake recipe

lemon coconut chia ricecakes

Gingerbread Nakd bar recipe

Gingerbread nakd bars

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  • Toasted Muesli Recipe! Hands up who loves toasted muesli but
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Gemma is an Advanced Sports Dietitian based in Girona, Spain. She works with athletes to fuel their training and competition for optimal performance.