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gemma sampson black sheep cycling

Female cyclists: Getting the most out of your body podcast

I was recently a guest on the Love Women’s Cycling Podcast hosted by Black Sheep Cycling to discuss my experiences working as a sports dietitian with female athletes. Together with Nic, Kat and Laura we talk about how female athletes at all levels can get the most out of their bodies. Listen to the Podcast […]

Plant based sources of protein

In recent months I’ve seen a huge rise in the number of people choosing to adopt plant based diets. Their top concerns are how to ensure you get enough protein from plants and questions on what are the best plant based sources of protein when following a plant based, vegetarian or vegan diet?

small changes big results

Small changes = big results

How many things are you currently trying to overhaul in your life? Maybe it’s getting more sleep, stretching, strength, exercise or nutrition habits you want to work on. How many are you trying to change all at once? All too often I see people trying to make too many changes at the same time and […]

Cocoa Orange Nakd Bar Recipe

cocoa orange nakd

Lemon coconut chia ricecake recipe

lemon coconut chia ricecakes

Gingerbread Nakd bar recipe

Gingerbread nakd bars

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Gemma is an Advanced Sports Dietitian based in Girona, Spain. She works with athletes to fuel their training and competition for optimal performance.