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Are you optimally fuelling your performance when it comes to race day? Test your race nutrition knowledge, learn where the gaps are so you can improve those 1% differences that count on race day

nutella rice cake recipe

Nutella ricecake recipe

Who doesn’t love a bit of nutella? These nutella ricecakes are great for longer bike rides when you’re looking for an easy, tasty, chocolately ride food. Easy to make at home, or when you’re travelling and find yourself out of ride food. All it takes is two ingredients – rice and nutella. The end result […]

spicy quinoa salad recipe

Spicy quinoa salad recipe

Bright, colourful, plant-based and easy to whip up ahead of time. If you’re looking for a new salad recipe to get more vegetables in, try out this spicy quinoa salad recipe. Perfect for summer barbecues served alongside chargrilled chicken or tofu for an extra serve of protein. By cooking the quinoa and mixing the dressing […]

plant based iron

Plant based sources of iron

If you don’t like meat or prefer to follow a plant based, vegetarian or vegan diet, getting enough iron from plant based sources can be difficult to achieve. Difficult, but not impossible. With some careful planning it is possible for vegetarians to use plant based sources of iron to achieve their iron needs.

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Gemma is an Advanced Sports Dietitian based in Girona, Spain. She works with athletes to fuel their training and competition for optimal performance.