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Optimise your fuelling for training, competition and recovery to boost your performance by investing in sports nutrition coaching with an Advanced Sports Dietitian.

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Are you optimally fuelling your performance when it comes to race day? Test your race nutrition knowledge, learn where the gaps are so you can improve those 1% differences that count on race day

plant based iron

Plant based sources of iron

If you don’t like meat or prefer to follow a plant based, vegetarian or vegan diet, getting enough iron from plant based sources can be difficult to achieve. Difficult, but not impossible. With some careful planning it is possible for vegetarians to use plant based sources of iron to achieve their iron needs.

Food is everywhere.. and it’s after me!

What do you do when food is everywhere, your friends and family keep offering it to you and it just seems to be coming after you? Right now with everyone living and working from home there is seemingly unlimited access to food. How do you stay true to your goals and keep eating well in […]

gemma sampson black sheep cycling

Nutrition for indoor training

With COVID-19 causing global lockdown and social isolation, there’s been a huge rise in people (including myself) switching from outdoor to indoor training. This typically means changes in the distance, duration and training intensity you can maintain indoors compared to on the road. Naturally what you can and do eat for indoor training should change […]

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Gemma is an Advanced Sports Dietitian based in Girona, Spain. She works with athletes to fuel their training and competition for optimal performance.